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FTshop is very suitable for foreign trade enterprises and E-commerce Internet applications. Since its first release in December 2009, semcms has continuously expanded its share of foreign trade market by relying on excellent user experience and leading technology. 

At present, it has become one of the most popular English foreign trade websites in China. In the accumulation of the original enterprise website system, has developed foreign trade retail and wholesale system: FTshop foreign trade mall system.

FTshop foreign trade mall system (hereinafter referred to as scshop) is a set of self-developed open source online store (BTC) system, which is mainly applied to retail and wholesale online sales products. It is compatible with ie, Firefox, Google, 360 and other mainstream browsers. At present, it has access to PayPal, western Union and other payment systems, and can be customized to develop access to credit card collection channel according to demand.
FTshop architecture: front end HTML5 + div + CSS, back end: PHP + MySQL with Apache can run under windows, Linux system.
FTshop is written with UTF-8 code.

Main features:

Fast: small volume, fast loading speed.
Open source: open source, high level, high quality.
Expansion: the function can be increased or decreased according to the demand, and the secondary development can be carried out.
Style: it's easy to modify the editing style, just need to modify a CSS file, compatible with computer, mobile and pad.
Compatible: support most mainstream browsers, such as ie, Firefox, Google, 360, etc.
SEO: user defined URL, keyword, brief description, title tag, image file name, static whole site.
Thumbnail: the uploaded product image can automatically generate size map, so that the front loading speed.
Template: back end one click switch application.

Function module:

According to the system requirements, there are mainly the following sections.
System back end
Integrated management:
Global parameters, navigation management, gallery management, message management, comment management
Download management, friend chain management, carousel management, template management, account management
Permission assignment, email template, subscription management, etc
Mall management
Commodity catalog, commodity management, attribute management, discount management, payment management
Logistics management, regional management

information management
Blog directory, blog management, about us, service management
Sales management
Order management, member management
System front end
Home page, product center, blog, about us, help center, contact me
We are a member center, shopping cart, settlement center.

System expansion
Multi language function, credit card collection channel, single page system, template customization
Function customization, etc.

Operating environment
PHP 5.6+
MySQL 5.6
Linux or windows

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